Experience the Alps and Dolomites of Northern Italy. Vacation in South Tyrol, Trentino, Valle d'Aosta.

Schenna blossoms

The South Tyrolean apple blossom signals the beginning of spring in Schenna

Hiking in South Tyrol at the apple blossom

Where elsewhere in South Tyrol the peaks are still covered in snow, in and around Schenna thousands and thousands of apple trees are already transforming the valley into a pink and white sea of blossoms. more to "Schenna blossoms"

Italy | South Tyrol Merano Country | Village Tyrol

Vacation in Dorf Tirol

Harmony between palm trees and alpine pastures

South Tyrolean castles visit_Village Tyrol

Majestic peaks, embracing the Mediterranean south and over 300 days of sunshine a year, Dorf Tirol in the South Tyrolean vacation region Meraner Land. more to "Vacation in Dorf Tirol"

Italy | Aosta Valley | Gran Paradiso Region

Gran Paradiso National Park

Nature experience between Piedmont and Aosta

Aosta Valley Grand Paradiso National Park

The Grand Paradiso National Park, located in northwestern Italy, belongs half to Piedmont and half to Valle d'Aosta. With an area of 70,044 hectares, the Grand Paradiso National Park extends over five valleys around the Gran Paradiso massif. more to "Gran Paradiso National Park"